Who can remember the last weeks of pregnancy? Ah all you want to hear as an expecting mom during those last days of the third trimester is the cry of your baby! You get so tired of pushing your big bump around, alongside the many annoying symptoms; difficulties sleeping (which is believed to be nature’s way of preparing you for the sleepless nights when your bundle of joy eventually arrives), indigestion and re-flux…In my case, during the last days of pregnancy my constant answer to how are you doing? Was ‘I am tired’ 🙂 who will not be after 9 months of carrying a human being!

When baby finally arrives, it marks the beginning of another phase that if you are not ready for, you may begin hating the wonderful experience of motherhood! This little bundle of wonder won’t be silent during the night. Back home in Cameroon, when a woman gives birth she may have her mother or mother-in-law come over to help with these challenging times but if you don’t have that luxury, then you got to find a way around it. I must say it is well known that newborns are not supposed to sleep through the night; they will still wake up for their numerous feeds.

With my first baby, I didn’t know better but with the second, I became wiser! So what do you do? Besides giving them a gentle massage and a warm bath in the evening, making sure they have a filled tummy and dry diapers, here are two tricks I used and it worked wonderfully well:

  • Get a sound that mimics the noises the baby could hear while in the womb! I learnt it is so noisy in there, so you will want to mimic the sounds for your little one to feel comfortable. These sounds are available on YouTube; I did this with my second child and it worked amazingly. All I did was play the sound on a device and place it next to her cot. That made my little one sleep as long as that sound was on but still got up for her bottle!
  • During the day, when she was unsettled, the vacuum cleaner did the job 🙂 Immediately I will begin vacuum cleaning the house, the noise will put her to sleep. So I benefited cleaning the house and putting my lil’ dame to sleep at the same time.

Therefore, the challenge some new or first time moms have, is we try to keep it as quiet as possible for the baby, it may not be the solution! I therefore encourage newbie mamas to try one of the tips above! Then you can relax and enjoy your blessing. Remember it is often said babies don’t come with a manual, so as a mom you write your own manual. Every baby is unique, consequently find that unique way which works for your bundle of joy!