Oh the feeling of shopping for your adorable little one.  From the day you have your 20week scan that reveals the sex of your baby, all you want to do is begin shopping.

Every mother aims at giving their children nothing short of the best! Preparing for my son was nothing to joke about, I wanted to get all those tiny little adorable pants, the little shoes, the cute t-shirts with inscriptions like Dad’s little helper, I love my mommy, Big and strong like Daddy etc. When I got into a shop I felt like lifting the whole baby section to my house, He just turned 2 and I am rethinking some things, especially with respect to clothes. When I talk with other moms,  I discovered my case is not unique, we talk about how fast the kids grow, what’s up with their attitudes and so on( that’s what happens with two mothers meet,; they can’t help but talk about their babies).Here are some of the reasons why I think you shouldn’t spend too much on expensive clothes and shoes for your little one:

1)Rapid growth: They outgrow them in less than no time; E.J (my son) was a big baby from day 1, oh the struggle and frustration of trying to get him into clothes I considered very expensive! Sometimes I wished I could just press the pause button on the growth curve so that he could at least use some of his stuff for a while longer.When he was three months old, I had to start cleaning out his closet and it doesn’t get better.

2)Recognition: They do not recognize nor appreciate them; whether you spent $100 or $10 on a onesie, it is not your baby’s lockout, they simply are not aware of what is going on.

3)Repetition: You may have multiple gifts from family and friends. I had the experience of having to switch clothes because I got gifts I already had.

4) Restriction: They are just going to wear them for one season and that’s it! So why spend so much to get a designer jacket for one winter when you would need a new one come next winter?

5) Regurgitation: Your little one will vomit on them, soil them and once they get into the washing machine, they are as good as second-hand, is it worth it?  Save yourself the stress of repeating out loud ‘I spent 50 bucks for this t shirt’

6) Reservation: Moreover, the birth of a child is just the beginning of extra expenditure; you’ve got at least 15 years to go with these dependents, so you may want to save or reserve some money to welder the storms of rainy days!

7) Recycling: The idea is you can pass down clothes to your other kids. It is possible to get good quality  clothes from trusted friends and family. I do this within my cycle of relations. More so, your kids can use stuff handed down or up (in rare instances) to older/younger siblings.

I am not in any way saying you shouldn’t spoil your kids every now and then, but I chose to be modest about it. There are other ways to show them how much you love them…