It’s yet another mother’s day, I am sure many of us are planning to get some roses for our moms or appreciate them in one way or the other. I think flowers or whatever gift may not be enough to show appreciation to the person, who birthed, nurtured, raised, praised and graced your life.

I remember my ma telling me this when I was growing up; “Ke you can never pay me for being your mom” Wow! How right she was; what would be her wages for being my nurse, teacher, comforter, advocate (especially before my stern yet loving dad), protector, provider, counsellor, etc. So if I had to pay her for being my caregiver for all those years how much will that be? Thankfully I don’t have to, I am just grateful for her selfless toils and sacrifices. Now as a mom I was reflecting deeply what I will love my kids to celebrate me for. I will love to be celebrated for the fact that:

  •  I brought them up to be loving, the world will be a better place with more loving souls.
  • I invested Godly virtues in them; to fear the Lord, pray and be in His service.
  • I taught them to be kind and generous, can you imagine how the world could be with more generosity!

What will you love your kids to celebrate you for?