Recently I decided to take a critical look at where I spend most at home, and from my meticulous  analysis I arrived at this shocking conclusion:

 FOOD takes a sizeable amount of our income. This may be pretty much okay with some of our readers out there; but I am in a season of spending wisely. So I devised some tips to cut down cost in the kitchen:

1)Make it yourself: I will rather go for whole carrots than chopped carrots, onions or whatever vegetable. You can decide to dice them yourself which goes a long way to reduce cost (a penny saved can go a long way).

2) Eat Fruits and veggies in season: Some months ago I joined a foodies group on Facebook and got lots of recipes; one of which was how to make asparagus.  Ah Kewan went to the market in February to buy this wonder vegetable that everyone was talking about but boy o boy! It was outrageously expensive but thankfully spring is here and now I can enjoy some asparagus. So practice eating veggies in season if you are out to cut down cost.

3) Cook in bulk: Lots of Africans especially Cameroonians come from homes where meals were cooked in big quantities because you may never know who will be visiting. As such we always had something in reserve. I have therefore made it a habit to always have food in the freezer. On Saturdays I make sure I cook several meals that can last for a few days. With my energy plan, weekend tariffs are cheaper, so cooking in the weekend is also saving on the energy. This tip may not work well for people following a particular diet plan and prefer eating fresh food daily (sorry).

4) Buy in large quantities: In some shops the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. The downside of it is you have to be sure to check your fridge, freezer and cupboard regularly to be sure you don’t double buy some items. I have had to consciously work on this; there were times I bought carrots and other perishable vegetables when I still had lots in the fridge. So before you jot down your shopping list, take a tour around the storage areas of your domicile.

5) Eat less, drink more …H2O: Yeah that’s right, I could not leave this out, although my best friend disagrees with this tip! When it comes to quantity of food, …hmm I rather not say; but we all agree you need not be a rocket scientist to allude the fact that the more you eat (unneccessary calories), the more colossal your food budget will be.

@Kewrites. “If its worth doing, then do it RIGHT and do it FAST”