It is so common to go through life with so much anticipation for the next stage. Man born of a woman has a tendency to think that; what the future holds will always be better than the present or the past.

We say “when this and that happens I will be happy”. It is very true the future can deliver some happiness but you’ve got to enjoy or should I add endure the present.

When I had my first child I enthusiastically looked forward to every stage of his growth & development; when he will be able to sit on his own, when he will begin crawling, standing and off course walking. Much more I so longed for the day this little guy will call me ‘mama’, it eventually happened and I have been enjoying it… right now this post is long overdue because of the frequent interruptions! What do you do when you type one word and you have to pause to answer to that call “mamaaaaa mamaaa”?


He can only speak a few words and I guess mama is the favorite word. He wakes up screaming Mama, and calls mama throughout the day hahaha. I never imagined I will one day say this, but yesterday I had to tell him “E.J huh! Can you please STOP calling Mama Mamaa Mamaaa, I have to get some write ups done”.

 I wonder if I even made sense to him, as he returned only a few minutes after.  I have to find a way of enjoying this too before he gets to the stage of asking me “What is mama doing?”

Beloved, each passing moment, day or season has its package, it is left for you enjoy/endure it while it lasts, cos’ the tomorrow you long for may just be…To be continued!