Part 1: Leicester City FC- the unnoticed stone

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible not to talk or write about football, it’s literally posted everywhere on and around the internet. Football is one of the many sports that evoke a lot of emotions. When you are set to watch a live soccer game , it is almost impossible to keep a neutral stand except it is a very boring game.

Before 2012, the only football news I knew was the one I accidentally saw on social media, but destiny delivered me to a man who likes football :). As such I have been able to follow quite a few games and leagues, although sometimes I doze off on the couch and only get up to ask the scores.

All European leagues have rounded up with the UEFA cup played last night; the champions’ league which is dayss away wouldcrown it all and simultaneously herald the EURO 2016. Then there is the COPA America, Olympics football… So you see there’s no end to it and you clearly can’t be around guys and not know about football. 🙂

I enjoy my friends expressing support for their clubs on the social media…It gets so interesting how they can take on each other. I have taken a quick but detailed scan on Facebook on the various clubs my friends support; Chelsea apparently has a good number of fans, Real Madrid (hala Madrid), Barcelona(visca el Barca), Juventus(Forza Juve),  Arsenal ( run Gunners) Manchester Unite(Go reds), Man City… But till now I never heard of Leicester4life supporters :).

I often stumble on fans’ posting messages like: Blues4 live, Barca till I die, Vamos Madrid, Gunners 4ever, You‘ll never walk alone (though Sevilla FC made them rather walk alone)! So are we going to start reading things like Leicester_the_best, Power king _beasts, Go Foxes, Hail thailand foxes etc.?

This humble, Thailand-associated club could be seen as an unnoticed stone that has become the corner stone. Following the unfolding of events in the English Premier League this season, I clearly came to the conclusion that truly “The race is not the swift nor the battle to the strong but time and chance happen to them all” Leicester City A.K.A “Power King Foxes”  just made use of the chance they had this time around.

Whose is it going to be same time next year?