This is one writing challenge I decided to respond to because it is an area I like talking about; Encouragement!

John Maxwell a great writer holds that encouragement is capable of changing anyone who receives it.

Isaiah 40:29-30; He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: Everyone needs encouragement at some point in their lives, even the strong!

Are you a student who has taken a particular exam several times with no success? Be encouraged, you got no time to give up! You have come too far to surrender, give it another push and another more.

Are you a first time mom still trying to get a rhythm with your little one? Sometimes it is so overwhelming; you seem to be losing yourself in caring for your baby be encouraged, it does get better! You are doing an awesome job and let no one tell you otherwise.

Are you the damsel next door who is single and surrounded by married folks and you are asking yourself “how long will it take for Mr. Right to show up?”… Don’t lose hope of finding a wonderful partner, it is just a matter of time so be encouraged.

Are you the lady across the street who watches other women parade the neighborhood with their kids and you are wondering when will my turn come? You have done all you think you can but no good news yet… don’t give up He who is Alpha and Omega is not done with you . So be encouraged.

Are you that young graduate who has made countless job applications with no positive feedback? Are you tired of depending on your parents for financial support? And you are pondering when it will come to an end. You can’t stop now, multitudes gave up at the verge of their breakthrough; don’t add to that lot! Be encouraged.

Are you that one person who is so timid and only interacts with his laptop, tablet, phone and TV? Everyone else around you relates with ease and fits in effortlessly. Just step out and shy not, try talking with someone today. Your life may just be the next happening thing around. So be encouraged.

Are you the  old lady/man in the elderly people’s home whose children seldom visit and you are pondering where you went wrong to deserve that? Don’t worry if you are able to read this, it is because you still have life so be joyful someone’s got your back. Be encouraged.

Are you a new blogger like myself? You have been writing and seem to have little feedback, be encouraged. Remind yourself constantly why you started blogging in the first place. And find ways to keep on keeping on.