In celebrating the birthday of my cherished ONE at the outset of this month, I made a trip to the baker and placed an order for a small HBD cake. I agreed with the lady for pick up the following day at a particular time. So at the said time, I pushed. Yeah I pushed (I was rushing from a course to pick up my order and still had to get my kids, cook…) my way through to be able to make it. I got in sweaty and obviously in a hurry, one of the waiters asked if I needed anything, I immediately produced the receipt and asked if I could have the cake.

“please could you be patient with me? I just got some really bad news, so I am not myself now”.

The cake was not ready! The choleric in me just manifested instantly 🙂 I ranted about the fact that we agreed on the time and I had other things to catch up with and blah blah blah (imagine what can proceed from your mouth when you are under pressure)! At this point the docile waitress just responded “Please could you be patient with me, I just got some really bad news so I am not myself right now.” At this point, I felt a little guilt trickling down my system like sweat. I had no idea what the problem was, but could it be that she got a phone call of a love one that is seriously sick, or worse still that she lost a dear one? It could have been anything but certainly nothing good!

This experience is not unique! Sometime last year I got on the bus at the end of a tiring work day heading home, it happened I rang the stop bell and the driver didn’t halt. She drove past my stop then I shouted angrily and moved towards her. She just apologized softly “Please pardon me, I lost my Mom two months ago and I still can’t put myself together” I shamefully said oh I am so sorry to hear that.


Everyone you meet is going through something that is not plastered to their face! Please just be nice. The order may arrive late, don’t get too mad, the driver may not make it on time, just something may not work out the way you planned…but dare to believe the best of the other person. Try to say a nice word even when you are justifiably angry. Remember what scripture says in Proverbs 15:1A soft answer turns away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger”.