Sometime in August 020

She rounded up her work quickly and ran breathlessly to the rail station determined to catch the train at 17:07 Pm from Brussels to Leuven, arriving at the station she had a quick glance on the board just to confirm the platform where the train will be and the time.  I eventually got in and just a few seconds before departure, I suddenly realized I was in the wrong train! Oh my world! Not today…

Use your eyes and use your mouth!

Immediately I got up in search of the controller to explain what just happened, moved from one cabin to the other and finally I spotted the guy by his uniform (by their uniforms you shall know them). “Sir I am sorry I got on the wrong train I explained” the ‘busy’ controller just snapped sorry deze train stopt niet in Leuven. How did he know I was heading to Leuven, he didn’t even listen to me but I realized later why..

We journeyed towards my destination, 20minutes later we were in Leuven, the train halted and then a loud announcement followed “This is a special service so do not open the door” ah the frustration of seeing my beloved leuven station and I can’t step out. The locomotive continued its journey, at this point I mustered some courage to approach the controller again only to return with no additional info to help me in my predicament.  We rode passed beautiful green fields but I was too tired to admire, my thoughts were running to and fro my home and the chores I would have finished doing all of that replaced by anxiety, anger and regrets.  In my angry state, I was sitting directly opposite a couple who appeared to be on their way either to or from honeymoon; they giggled every now and then!

At some point I advised myself to pick up my writing material and do some writing after all I won’t be doing it when I get home. That felt better writing my way to the unknown.  But then I felt like giving myself a slap why didn’t I make use the advice I was given when I just arrived Belgium 5 years ago??? Use your eyes and use your mouth. I should have asked to make sure the train will stop at Leuven (my destination).

Well fast forward we eventually arrived one village Ans that was the first stop. I jumped out together with other folks oh! It felt better I was not the only one who made this blunder; it was at this point I understood why the controller was cut! He must have seen this a couple of times!The long story short we just missed the train that could take us back to Leuven by 2 mins so we had to continue to a bigger city Liege oh my thoughts of getting home were far from being actualized.

A 20mins journey turned out to be almost 2hrs! From Liege we could get a train heading to Brussels, after 30mins of sitting there quietly I eventually heard the golden announcement “we komen aan in Leuven” (We are arriving Leuven) I leaped for joy the kind that I see on my son at the end of a playful day at the creche who can’t wait to be home. I made it home at last!


  • Do not work on assumptions; it is not always like that! check and double check. I wish I did that.
  • In a situation where you are not sure, use your eyes and mouth, it’s no harm asking someone.

So have you ever made a mistake you felt like giving yourself a spank?

Please share your experience with me:-)