Close the borders, let them go back to their countries, they are not welcomed here… that’s the way some people view refugees.

My heart weeps for the children that have to sleep in the cold, go without food or shelter

I weep when I see the numbers that die in the sea daily in their attempt to reach safety..

They are forced to leave their homelands not of their own making,

People like the rest of us with dreams, aspirations and desires, but some have been forced to stop dreaming because their lives have become a mere existence with little or no hope.

Many times I ask myself, why all these displacements? What is the reason behind all the fighting and conflicts? What is the problem in Syria? What is the problem in Somalia? Sudan? Honestly these are rhetoric questions.

Every human being deserves a chance to pursue their dreams, if they have suffered so much to get to Europe why close the borders? I can only imagine the desperation that can make a father bundle his wife and kids to venture into the sea in an attempt to seek safety. I deeply sympathise with refugees, I may not have a complete understanding of how life can be for them but I stand with them.

I read of an outpouring of solidarity in Belgium some time ago, where individuals had to open their homes to refugees because the asylum centres were congested.  Today, Cameroon my homeland is a host to a good number of refugees from Central African Republic.  As such, daily I realise how grateful I have to be for daily bread and having a roof above my head. I am free to dream and pursue those dreams; something that appears to be an illusion for most refugees.

According to UNHCR(United Nation refugee Agency), every minute 24 people are displaced! Not by choice but because of violence. Before you think you are not affected, like what do you care, remember life actually should have dealt a different hand as expressed in this poem by Brain Bilston:

Let love lead! everyone deserves a chance to a better life.