women's day 2016 201
One question you will often hear people ask friends and colleagues at the end of the week is “what are you planning for the weekend? Are you doing anything special?”

In Belgium, people spend their weekends in diverse ways but a few things appear to be commonly done on Sundays.

  • Visit family: Belgians have admirable family values! It is common to have people travel to the different cities or villages to visit their family members on Sunday it could be Oma/Opa (grandma/grandpa)
  • Eat lunch out and maybe share a beer
  •  Go cycling if it is good weather:-).
  • Go to the park or take a walk in the woods. And off course get some rest.

I think weekends are lovely! Saturday is the day I do my grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry and cooking.

Sunday is one of my best days. It’s a day of revival for me, it is the day I receive strength that sustains me for the rest of the week.

So this is how I spend my beloved Sunday:

  • Go to church (how can I survive without this), church is my family; my support system. I love to worship, I love the assembly of the saints, we sing, dance, make some really loud Holy Ghost noise as well as receive some delicious balanced spiritual food. (He gives us meat in season).
  • I dine with family and finally,
  • I sleep, what else can be fun on Sunday?

How do you spend your Sunday?