Divorce is easy but with it comes consequences


All week-long, the talks of Brexit has flooded my mind and eyes, it is the only thing that catches my attention when I read or watch the news these days, as such I can’t be quiet.  EXIT – an act of going out or leaving a place! Just walking away.

There is nothing new about Britain’s decision leaving an institution, throughout history man is known for always choosing the easy way out – walk away. We have the habit of not trying hard enough on fixing things especially relationships.

Nowadays, a couple have a few marital problems and next thing is either one or both are opting out.

The joint corporation/partnership isn’t working out as you thought the simple way out is walk away.

You are part of a church community and there is a disagreement or misunderstanding, most of the times the easy way out is walk away.

You are disgruntled with a particular job, what do you do walk away.

As easy as it may sound, you need to consider the cost! The cost of withdrawal may far outweigh the benefits of it.

Clearly Brexit isn’t a divorce case that considered the cost of leaving. Did it consider the number of Brits working in EU institutions; did it consider the economic consequences?  The higher taxes? Did it consider the many Brits living and benefitting from other EU countries? Did it consider the future of the younger generation?

The kind of emotions I have read on social media bluntly reveals the anger and disdain at this exit.

 Clearly a good number of British friends in Belgium have expressed the folly of the Brexit. I saw a coinage of new words!

Brembarassed!!!! Bridiculous Brollox!Brexcreta

Bracist Brexclusion! Brunoutofideas

 Brubbish Bridiots Brentertainment!

 Bramtastic !

Brussels has witnessed an increase in the number of British asking for Belgian nationality. Why will a nation do that to its citizens?

There is fear looming the corridors of EU that Brexit will trigger the onset of an avalanche of exits, perhaps future will birth new terms as GRexit , DExit, SWexit, Netherxit, etc.

It is true some relationships cannot be fixed but one thing also stands out, before walking away be sure you are ready to stand alone, be independent.  Just enjoy the ride with the bumps!

 “Do not leave Egypt and continue craving cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic” (Num 11:5, paraphrased ).