One of the many things I desired as a first time mother was the ability to decipher the underlying reasons behind a baby’s cry.

When your new-born cries, thoughts flood your head, could he be hungry, does he have a soiled/wet diaper? Is he tired? Does he want to be cuddled? Recently I came across a video on you tube revealing the different baby cries and their possible interpretations although I can’t guarantee how true they are.

I believe besides the motherly instincts that will push you into your child’s room just in time to avert a particular danger, there are two gifts a mom should covet by all means.

  • Discernment

As a mom, you are expected to know what the baby wants! I mean in the physical, Many times when my child cries in public, often I get asked  “What does he/she want?” and if my response is “I don’t know” the conversation will continue like I am supposed to know what the baby wants (you know what I mean).

I had a chat recently with a young friend of mine let me call her Ruth. I have observed her for quite some time, Ruth has an admirably uncommon relationship with her mom. They go to church together (a lot of youths do not fancy going to church around here), sing in the choir, and do a lot of stuff together. I inquired to know how come she could be so different from her peers and keep a great relationship with her mother, she told me:

“I can’t hide anything from my mom, she prays so much for me to the extent that whenever things go wrong, she knows even before I tell her. One time when I was in the university living in another city far from home, I planned going out to a night club with a group of friends, just 30 minutes before we had to leave, my mom called. She recounted a dream she had of me going to a party and we got attacked on our way back home. She cautioned me to stay at home as such I decided to stay at home and of the truth, all did not go well with my friends.  I thank God for her because she is like a guardian angel. She knows what’s up with me even before l open up to her. I feel she can see through me:-)”

After our chat,  I realized it must be something more than a mom’s instincts! Ruth’s mother must be operating with discernment! If not how is she able to tell so much about her daughter. With the trend of things in our world today, I really think mothers need to be on the watch tower on behalf of their kids. And being discerning will make it easier.

And most importantly…

  • Love, Love and more Love

What can we do without love? You may take it for granted sometimes, but I strongly believe that children will do better with much love. I used to think it is natural for a mother to love her own till I came across very unloving moms. I pray we should covet this gift of love. Let it flow from within, saturate your kids with love and they will grow up loving others. The world sure needs a lot of love.

1 Corinthians 12:31  But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.

Much love to you all !