shrimp curry

Flash back Friday! I made this shrimpy-curry veggie mix some weeks ago and now I have to make it every Friday! That’s what happens when you treat your  family to yummy dishes like this.

This is what you need:

400 grams peeled shrimps

2 large chopped onions

3 diced carrots

1/2 sliced yellow and red bell peppers

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 table-spoon curry powder.

How to go about it:

Season shrimps with a pinch of salt, garlic paste, white pepper and curry powder.

Heat your oil in a wok pan, fry your onions for +/- 3 mins

Add in the seasoned shrimps and allow to fry for another 5 mins

all your vegetables, begin with the carrots, give it a minute

The bell peppers can join the party, closely accompanied by the mushrooms.

To top it up, add your bouillon cube.

Give it some 3 minutes. Viola! your  veggie mix shrimp curry is ready


You can mix a tablespoon of corn starch and add in your shrimp curry and cook for 2 minutes just to thicken your sauce.

Okay enough of all the talking!

You can enjoy this goodie with noodles, rice or potatoes etc.

shrimp noodle