scrambled eggs
It is normal to go through the week with just a quick slice of bread and some spread for breakfast or other breakfast cereals. When it comes to weekends (especially Saturdays) and holidays; It’s usually the time to go out of the ordinary bread/cereal routine and give yourself/family a treat.  Today let’s have some scrambled eggs inundated with veggies!

Here we go:


2-4 eggs

1 large white onions

3 tomatoes

2 carrots

7-10 mushrooms

1 bell pepper (paprika in Belgium)

A bouillon cube

3 tablespoons of vegetable oil



Heat the oil in a frying pan

Add in your onions fry for a minute

Pour in the tomatoes and allow to cook for some minutes

This is a good time to put in the bouillon

The carrots can join the non homogenous mixture now…

Then the mushroom and bell peppers

Okay now beat the eggs and pour over the veggies

Allow to cook for 7-9 minutes


Voila! Eat with some bread or french fries or whatever you prefer.


Kewrite’s Tip: If you’re up for a hectic day , this is perfect to get your busy schedule up and running!