baked plantains

For the love for plantains, I had to make a post…plantains glorious plantains, what is life in the kitchen without this goodness! The sweetness will make your mouth ask for more. We devour it in any every form; fried, (dodo), boiled, roasted, grilled, dried, just any form. If you visit me 2 in 3 times you are sure to eat plantains in one of those visits. My affair with plantains has come a long way, back in my secondary school days, plantain chips was a must have in my school box.( I guess it is one of the things I am addicted to).

It is eaten in various forms across Africa (Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana…)and some parts of South America.

I made this delicious goodie for a barbecue at a friends’ and everyone loved it s0-0-0 much! my Dutch friends call it gebakken banaan translated baked banana, I kept telling them it is PLANTAINS:-) This is the healthiest plantain recipe you will find, it is not soaked in oil, so you can eat as much as your tummy can take without feeling guilty.

Okay pals this is all you need

3-4 ripe (yellow) plantains





Peel plantains

Cut into desirable sizes


Place the pieces on a greased baking pan but if using a baking sheet that won’t be necessary.

Brush the plantains with a little butter

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees

Bake till it is turns brown.

Remove from the oven and enjoy! You can eat it as a side dish

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