August just wrapped up so quickly! How fast time passes & life happens while we’re busy around many things. I am so thankful for the month of August…

Looking forward to a greater month; September. This isn’t a favorite month for most parents, the challenges involved with back-to-school preparations and getting fees paid for kids and getting the whole family tune in with the start of the academic year.

I will be a year older and my little girl will be cutting her first birthday cake. I count it a blessing to share the same birth month with her. In fact my mind is hovering through the memories of same time last year! I prayed earnestly for her to come forth and share the same day with me, (can’t even remember why I so wanted her to come soon). I was dealing with the last minutes preps for her, getting bags packed, home thoroughly cleaned and waiting for the pinky bundle of joy. ( I should probably write a post on that)

Yesterday after publishing the post  Meet the 5 ladies who changed a nation’s History, I had this dialogue with my Mom who featured on the text:

Mom: Anabel (my sister) told me you now write things on the internet and you even put up a picture of me?

Ke : Yes Ma, I have a blog and it has been running for 4 months now, I am surprise you didn’t know

Mom: I heard about it, ah but what do I know? so what kind of things do you write about?

Ke: Ma it is a personal information blog, I write about my life as a mom, information for self-funded international students heading to Belgium, my faith as a christian, sometimes just ramblings and other times recipes.

Mom: Recipes? (of all things, this is the only item she picked out, what do you expect from someone who had a restaurant) what kind of recipes?

Ke: Hmmm Ma I have shared quite a few recipes, how to make bread, fish rolls, shrimpy veggies, Multi-veggies, cookies etc.

Mom: Kewan! Abaaii wan le ngon (young girl) of all those things you have listed, which one did I teach you? what is Shrimpy veggies? so no kiban and nyosi, no stew, no hot-pot, no cornchaff, eru… those are meals we made together…I can not relate with your recipes.

Ke: Oops! okay,  chuckling Ma I will share them soon.


I am trying to give an accurate translation from lamnso (my dialect)  to English.

Some times people expect so much more than what we can offer, you may even pour out your life like a drink offering and it won’t suffice. Do what you can, some expectations will be met but others are bound to be cut off. Let not your life be determined by the expectations levied on you!

This is to more blogging, more info for students, more recipes from my mom’s cook book, more encouragement from the Word and more mummy-hood stories and tips!

Wishing you all a great and fulfilling September!!!