Canda (cow skin) is such a yummy delicacy that is enjoyed in Cameroon and a few other African countries like Nigeria where it is called ponmo and Ghana where you hear of welle. 

Growing up I didn’t enjoy eating cow skin very much, now I know the problem was probably with the way it was cooked. I show you how I make my fresh delicious canda stew.

What you need

1kg of canda


A can of chopped tomatoes

1 medium size onions

1 teaspoon fresh ginger paste

1/2 teaspoon garlic paste

salt to taste

chopped parsley leaves

2-4 seasoning cubes

1/4 cup vegetable oil

1 chopped scallion stem


Wash canda thoroughly inside out and cut into small pieces

Place in a pot of warm water, add in a pinch of salt,  some onions and allow to boil for about 20 mins

Pour in your chopped tomatoes and give them time to journey together. This way, your tomatoes get cooked alongside the canda.


Remember to stir occasionally to avoid it sticking beneath the pot.

Add in the ginger and garlic paste as well some parsley and some seasoning cubes.

Let it simmer for 5mins

Now is a good time to fry some onions and scallion


Let them join the party.

Taste to make sure you got everything in the right proportion. If your taste buds suggest you need more seasoning cubes, please go ahead and add one more cube.

Wait for two more minutes! You should have something like this


Enjoy with some white rice


This will make you still droll many hours after you finish eating. I still salivate writing this recipe.