Growing up as a young lady, I obviously had a list of possible names I will love to give my kids. I had them written down in my little pink diary waiting for the appointed time for it’s release. Names are so very important: they define us, they are our identity, character, and person. A name is the first prophetic thing we receive at birth; “and (s)he shall be called…”, it is our identity, who we are.

In Bible times, names were sometimes given according to circumstances, speaking of names like Jabez, “because I bore him in pain” the mom called him this because of what she went through to bring him forth. We hear of Ben-Oni, Rachel said “He is a son of sadness”, but the wise and loving patriarch Jacob changed the child’s name to Benjamin meaning son of the right hand. Can you imagine if that name wasn’t changed? The child would have been called sadness all the days of his life. That would have made Jacob and Rachel the parents of sadness! I very much understand the travail mothers go through to birth a life, but after the long journey comes a beautiful package, so give it a befitting name

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Here are some tips on choosing that gorgeous name for your bundle of joy:

  • Look beyond the trendy list:

Do not pick a name because it ties with a certain celebrity! Names like East West, North, South or others. Oh, you can be dramatic with choosing a name but let it be meaningful! It doesn’t have to be a vogue name. Have you noticed some names are ageless? Like Sarah, Hannah, Esther, Grace, John, Paul…

  • Give a careful thought about the name:

A good way is to read up a little history attached to the name, for instance, if you choose to call your beautiful daughter Jezebel, be sure to read up on who Jezebel was. You should be able to say something constructive about your child’s name. You are definitely going to tell the meaning of the name for countless times.

  • Try to be prophetic or should I say futuristic:

Go for a name that your child will be happy to grow into, let them have something pleasant. One of my grandparents named me mbirmo (the ugly one),  I am eternally grateful my parents rejected that appellation. I bet I would have been upset if they maintained that name. On the one hand, I give honor to my sage grandpa who decided to call me KEWAN meaning for the CHILD. According to him, everything parents toil  for is to provide for their children. I believe that is why I am pro-kids. I live for the child that needs to be nourished, the child that needs to be loved, for the child that needs to be heard, for the child that needs shelter, and clothing. Am living my name, For the child. Without a doubt, I love my name so much!
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  • Be intentional with your choice.

Do not pick a name because it sounds good, it may be all that good but carry a negative aura. Some people may not like your choice, let it be their cuppa! It is your child, your decision. There is so much power embedded in names that you don’t want to be sentimental about it.

I come from a culture that still gives the honor to grandparents to assign names to kids, but I am thankful a good number of my people give meaningful names. You will often hear of Berinyuy (Thank God) Fomonyuy (God’s gift) Dzelamonyuy (Who is like God). As difficult and funny as they may sound, they all have a connection with divinity.

It doesn’t have to be linked to the Bible, but let it be meaningful. Choose a name that your child will grow up to be thankful for.

 I will like to know the meanings of your names after reading this:-) So go ahead and share…