Lately in my household, I have been dealing with lots of tantrum from E.J. I get a resounding NO even before I finish asking him any question. He seems to have a NO prepared for mama. Sometimes I wonder if he understands what the two letter word means but then my doubts are cleared when the words are complemented with a fitting action. We have countless episodes of timeout, me yelling, feeling frustrated to just laying back and watching him ‘have his way’. Yesterday, after carrying out our evening rituals and tucking them in bed, I relaxed beautifully with some music and my favorite tea. It is not Christmas yet, but somewhere somehow, I stumbled on this song (You should check it out)”Mary did you know” ….Mary, did Mary did you know
that your Baby Boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary, did you know
that your Baby Boy would one day rule the nations?
Did you know
that your Baby Boy is heaven’s perfect Lamb?
The sleeping Child you’re holding is the Great, I Am.

The lyrics definitely got me thinking, and I didn’t realize how many questions I would ask If I were opportune to sit down with Mary.

  1. Did the fore knowledge  of her baby’ personality  influence her mothering? Have you ever imagined if you knew for sure who your baby  is going to be in future? I bet if Obama’s parents knew he would one day be the president of the USA, they would have surely done some things differently. I know knowledge of this manner will translate into reminding the kid every time of who he/she will be in future. This knowledge will be a call to sit up in parenting.
  2. Did Mary  really understand when Elisabeth (Mother of John the Baptist) was prophesying to her “blessed are thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb”?
  3. Did she doubt the prophecy of birthing the King of the Jews, in a lowly manger rather than a royal suite?
  4. How did she feel when the shepherds visited her baby with gifts from far away without any invitation of notification of safe delivery?
  5. When he was circumcised on the 8th day, How did she handle that? I know what I felt seeing my son E.J wail in pain on the day of his circumcision.
  6. Did she yell at him at any point?
  7. How was he as a toddler? Play-some, calm, noisy, aggressive, teasing…
  8. Did he throw tantrums?
  9. Did she smack him somewhere along their journeys?
  10. Did she ever raise her voice at him?
  11. When Joseph his father was teaching him his carpenter trade, didn’t she object  saying something like “Hey hussy, Jesus is going to be a great man of God, save the Jews& be their king and not carve wood like you”?
  12. How proud did she feel when she heard her teenage son baffling great teachers of the Law with his divine wisdom?
  13. What about when he stayed back in the temple at age 12? How panicky was she?
  14. How did she feel when he referred to her as ‘woman’? (EJ hun don’t try this at home oh this mama right here is not marylicious)
  15. How about when he kept reminding her of my Father in Heaven. Did she feel ashamed for her husband Joseph?
  16. What about the incident at the wedding in Cana when he changed water into wine?
  17. What was going through her mind when he endured the suffering on Calvary street?
  18. Were there times she attempted to thwart God’s original plan concerning her child?
  19. Did she go about explaining to people how special her son was?
  20. At the resurrection Day, did she assume His earthly task was done with and He could now live as normal 33 yr old son with a wife and grand kids for ?
  21. Ah I applaud this fine lady,  She is indeed most honorable among women. Amidst all these, Luke 2:19 says “But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart”. She didn’t throw a big party to show off who her son was, without doubt she was a graceful young lady.  She knew who he was; a born King, messiah  and savior, deliverer.

On this day of the  International Day of the Girl , I pray that all our young girls will receive the same grace and favour that was upon the Virgin Mary to make it in these challenging last days!

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