I looked into his eyes and said “Yes I do”

Four (4) swift years down the road, I have more than a million reasons to be grateful I made that important commitment to this man right here (picture). To him and for him I publish this anniversary note.



You have been a friend, encourager, confidant, counselor, cheerleader, love, husband (in fact a lot more than this)!

It is a blessing walking these years with a sweet friend like you. Your positivism is annoyingly contagious! You always see the positive side of any rusty coin! (still don’t understand how you do that though)

You make me walk out each day with my head up high, I so love and cherish this ride. We started off two or rather three (talking about the 3-fold cord), a few years after, we are blessed with two lovely kiddos. I remember we had to make quite a few adjustments to accommodate our growing clan, still bonding gracefully to being one. You are an amazing dad to our little ones! They have added a unique flavor to our union. Especially in those moments we just cuddle on the sofa and watch them play or tip toe into their bedroom and whisper while they are asleep.

The Lord has and is our Rock and Foundation. Little wonder it only gets brighter from where we started and I am loving you more each passing day. At the beginning you said “We have a lifetime together, so let’s make it interesting”. With you there are no dull moments, you know how to hold it all together. I believe He who is in you helps a lot with this.

I am learning to listen more and more to your wisdom that the Lord has so lavished on you to pilot the affairs of our home. Your love makes submission easier (though sometimes hormones play their role). I am glad I submit to this authority reason why I can trumpet I am a woman under authority.

You are a role model to our son E.J and an example of the kind of man our lil’ dame E.G should bring home in future; a man who prays spontaneously! Yet keeps a reasonable balance in matters pertaining to life.

Love you yesterday, today and tomorrow(s)

Happy anniversary to the Head of my home; my handsome, honest, humble, honey, handy, hardworking husband. My H for life!


God bless October 20!