This writer has been on Facebook for at least 6 years, so it was about time doing some check on this platform that keeps people perpetually glued to their phones, laptops, tablet screens.

Facebook according to Wikipedia , evolved from Facemash  a site comparable to a ‘hot or not’ game which allowed visitors to compare two student pictures side-by-side and let them decide who was hot or not. It is interesting to read about the original idea that has blossomed into what we see today.

These days I have little or no need to turn on my telly for news, I just log in to  Facebook, go through the news feed and baam I am good for the day. Sometimes I feed my H on scores of a football match I watched on Facebook. I even go ahead to give him analysis, who behaved poorly on the pitch, who scored, and all the jebejaba of soccer.
When I scan through Facebook, these are the different types of persons I am bound to meet, I fall in a few of these categories, so read on to see exactly where you fit in:

1)The Friends:
You will agree with me that everyone on Facebook is a friend to someone! It is a confluence for friends even though sometimes you have people on your friends list that you hardly say a word to nor can remember who they are, but they all fall under the friend’s category. These days it is easier to keep friends on Facebook than locally, you are sure to meet them daily. I am more updated with info about my people on Facebook than the ones near me, is this happening to anyone else?

2) The Reporters/Journalist:
If you want fresh issues on the news, just visit their walls. They sure aren’t late on updating the world on breaking news from across the globe. Thanks to these people I have a daily update of happenings in Cameroon, I salute their consistency in playing up news items on Facebook. Definitely, a group to keep!
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3)The Sportsmen:
They give us the updates of various sporting activities; what tournament is going on, where and when. I know whose wall to visit if I miss a game and want to be in the know of what happened in a match. They show their loyalty to teams they support; via Facebook, you can tell who is a blue for life, die-heart Barca fan, halla Madrid and others.

4)The Political activist:
Their post will give you heads up on what is happening in political realms. They can tell you who the next US President will be. They advise governments from their keyboards, they start up political debates, they have deep insights on issues at stake in local and international politics. I think the Cameroon Government should hire some of these political activists on Facebook, we will not be facing the anglophone problem today.
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5)The Preachers:
“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword comes, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand” Ezekiel 33:6. “See I have set before thee this day life and good, and death and evil;…” Deuteronomy 30:15
That is a typical post you will see from our preaching folk, the bible says… is their guiding principle. I love this group of people, they are a necessary table salt on Facebook.
I remember reading an interesting prayer someone wrote on Facebook months ago, this lady poured her gratitude to God for inspiring Mark Zuckerberg to create a wonderful platform that has been a channel of unthinkable blessings to her!

6)The Feminist:
They will take virtual blows to fly the feminist flag! If you are going to stay on their friendship list you better watch your tongue when talking about women. They filter every word through the feminist sieve and will crucify you if your post has a male chauvinistic hint.

7) The Gossips:
The name is self-explanatory, need I tell you how they spread rumors and unfounded stories?
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8)The Bloggers:
Ah another set of persons I love, they have tons of friends on Facebook and belong to numerous groups. Their primary objective is to promote their blogs, then other things can follow. So you all better click those links and read when next you visit a bloggers page!
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9)The Observers:
You may not notice them, but they are present. They appear on special occasions; will leave a birthday wish, an anniversary message or a condolence note. They appear every now and then like travellers but have updates of what is happening in and around Facebook, they know who got married, who had a baby and who got a job. They leave traces with their little ‘likes’
10)The Chefs/Cooks:
Another favorite group, you need to caution your langary glands before visiting their walls. Their business on Facebook is showcasing recipes and sharing everything that makes the tummy joyous. It is all about food, food and some more food. The tend to attract a huge following too; friends for food:-)

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11) The Entertainers:
Sure by now you know whose wall to visit to have a good laugh. You can’t take these people too seriously.

12) The Fashionistas:
You see the trendy hairstyles from this group of persons! They are well packaged for their pictures on Facebook. They are always beautiful and gorgeous in their appearance.

13)The Advocates:
They put up a case towards a particular course. When they make their appearance, they are clothed with the course they fight for; it could be towards immigration, refugees, education of the girl child, veterans…
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14) The ‘Ranters’:
Oh wait, before you pull out your pocket dictionary wondering if that word exists haha yeah, it doesn’t that is to describe the people who rant on Facebook. They always seem to be angry about something, they need a platform to vent out their disgust and Facebook offers that as well. I don’t even blame them, Facebook welcomes you with the question “What’s on your mind?” Sister/ brother just lets it out.

15) The Encouragers
These are definitely go-to walls. If you are having a bad day, just visit their pages and your spirits will be lifted.

16) The young Mothers:
You will know them from their rhetorics. They may not post very recent pictures of themselves ha but their lovely baby pics indicate their presence.