Black beans is a righteously delicious stable in most African countries, as well as some Latin American countries. A simple, easy dish yet abundantly nutritious.

Black beans are rich in dietary fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and lots of minerals. Eating black beans leaves you feeling full for a long time thus it can be a good go-to meal for weight watchers. Moreso, you will drink lots of water after this protein rich meal, need I explain the benefits of drinking lots of water?

Now that I am talking about black beans I got some fresh understanding why it was served several days in a week back in the days when I was younger and in a boarding school. I believe it is because of its ability to keep one filled for the rest of the day.

I have been craving this delicacy lately and decided to give my family a treat. Since you are part of the family, I share with you how to get a pot of a fiber-rich  delicious meal following this easy recipe.


-700 grams of dry black beans

-3chopped tomatoes

-2 medium sized chopped onions

-1 tablespoon ginger paste

-A teaspoon garlic paste

-2-3 bouillon cubes

-1/4 cup of vegetable oil

-Salt to taste

-Baking soda (optional)

-1 habanero pepper (optional)

-1/2 cup of dry crayfish



How to get it done:

-Put dry beans in a tray or colander to sort out debris and all unwanted elements

– Pour in a large pot of water, allow soaking for 6-8 hours before cooking.  (One simple tip; put a small amount of baking soda in the water before soaking the beans, this helps to eliminate the extra gas responsible for bloating).

-Remove and wash thoroughly and make sure to discard the water in which the beans were soaked

– Now, bring it to cook for about an hour or two till tender( sprinkle in some salt while it boils , that will give it more taste)

-Put in a colander, rinse and set aside.


-Fry onions, tomatoes and ginger paste for about 10 minutes

-Throw  the boiled beans into the tomato stew


-Add a cup of water and sprinkle in the bouillon cubes, allow to cook for 3minutes

– To crown it all, add  the ground crayfish( this is the king ingredient responsible for the heavenly taste)

-Let it simmer for some 5 minutes

Voila, remove and enjoy with some white rice, plantains or puff puff

This is how I love to enjoy mine: