It’s thanksgiving week people! I am intentional about appreciating the people who have been a blessing in my life. A short note to say Thank You good and faithful one!

I so love the idea of one day in a nation set aside for thanksgiving, I suggest every nation on earth should adopt this tradition. Every relationship is strengthened when a thankful attitude is in place. This should not just be an American or Canadian thing, every individual, family and countries should adopt a thanksgiving lifestyle.
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When I set out on this journey seven months ago, it was a huge leap into the dark with just a small tiny flashlight! Today I can see beams of brightness; thanks to you awesome people. You have made kewanblogs an adventure worth every effort, it would have been a wearisome journey if you weren’t present.

Moreover, I would have probably given up 5 months into this journey especially those days when I had to combine work and blogging, but then I remembered it will go down history that she joined the folks who gave up on their passion. NEVER will that be said of me. What about you?

The thought of you awesome readers kept pulling me back to the blog even on days I battled many negative moods. (I guess that’s what blogging does to us)

I am taking out this time ahead of Thursday to say THANK YOU. Initially, I wanted to send this note as an email, but I noticed quite a few of you haven’t subscribed yet to kewanblogs by email. Please make every effort to subscribe so that notes like this can be delivered to your inbox.

Blogging has connected me to one of the most supportive, generous people in the world; bloggers! For every encouraging word, every lesson taught, sharing your life with me; I say thank you.

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It has been an interesting, messy journey; I started off on, and before I could master it fully, I migrated to! Don’t even bother your pretty brain if you have no idea what that means, hope to share the story with you someday.

I remember during the transition days, I lost some followers, but then, you faithful one stayed with me! How dare I turn a blind eye to such faithfulness and not say “Thank you my good and faithful friend”

Talking about faithfulness, on Sunday in church, amidst many things we learned two words the Lord will say as a welcome; “Well done good and faithful servant” We are encouraged to stay faithful to the heavenly vision. Never forget this; to have faith is good, but faithfulness makes it even better!

We looked at the life of Job, he stayed faithful even through the afflictions, he did not curse God neither did he sin against the Lord. Rather, he said “|Though he slays me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain my own ways before him” Job 13:15. That my friend is faithfulness! Complete loyalty with tears, through the thick and thin, Job stayed true to his God.

Just had to stray into Job’s life, couldn’t wait to share the lesson with you. Thank you, faithful readers, for putting up with my this ramble, I tend to do that too often these days.

A special appreciation to those of you who have made kewanblogs your main referral to shopping on amazon and other affiliate links. I am deeply thankful!
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It’s November, the 11th month of the year, I understand may be an evaluation of your goals for 2016 made you realize how little was accomplished. No worries, be thankful, if not for anything; for the gift of life! Truth is, it could be worst.

Someone somewhere needs to know that you appreciate him/her.

With warm hugs and a big grin, I say THANK YOU!

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