You never go wrong with fried rice! This dish has taken an important position on lunch and dinner tables all over the world. I call this version delectable chicken fried rice, it is a total delight to the mouth and belly.

Because it is consumed across different countries, it has a good number of recipes and ways you can make it. I find this recipe the easiest to get the must yummy, flavorful, tasty chicken fried rice. 

I will not go on with the usual rhetoric today because you have to make this meal, by all means, time to wow your family!

When next you are having guest simply whip up this award-winning chicken fried rice, I promise these people will never forget to visit. Even if they forget the chats, they will remember the fried rice.

So let’s see how to make the most delectable chicken fried rice. Basically, this is seasoned boiled rice stir-fried in vegetable oil and garnished with assorted veggies alongside some meat protein. It is a highly customizable dish, so feel free to add other vegetables like mushrooms and leeks

The Characters involve:

4-5 Chicken pieces

4 cups of long-grain rice ( I go for Basmati rice)

1 tablespoon curry powder

1/2 teaspoon thyme

1 cup each of peas, carrots, bell peppers

1 can sweet corn

3-4 Seasoning cubes

1 tablespoon ground ginger& garlic

chili pepper (optional)

How to get it done:

First of all, begin with preparing the veggies (cutting and dicing as need be)


Then steam chicken in spices; that means throw in a seasoning cube, a pinch of salt, garlic and ginger, thyme, curry.


Remove after some 15 minutes and set aside for a later use

For the rice:

Thoroughly wash rice in Luke warm water, I suggest 3-5 rinsing of the rice

Pour rice in the chicken stock(broth), sprinkle with some salt.

Throw in a teaspoon of curry powder to accompany the rice, let it cook for about 10-15 minutes.

While the rice is being cooked don’t walk away:-)  Cut chicken into small boneless sizes and fry lightly in a  frying pan and keep around the corner


Then steam the veggies i.e carrots, peas and bell peppers in very little water or left over stock for 3 minutes,  drain and keep aside


Now we come back to the boiled rice I assume our 15 minutes have elapsed and the pot of rice is cooked, not too soft lest we end up making rice cake.Lol!

Put 1/4 cup of vegetable oil in a large pot or wok pan,if you have a small pot then you will have to fry in batches.

Fry onions (sprinkle some white pepper and a pinch of salt to make it taste lovely).

Throw in the rice and fry. Stir gently but steadily to make sure every grain comes in contact with the oil without which there is no frying



Continue the stir for about 5 mins, at this point, I usually taste to ensure I got all my seasoning right, without which you can add a seasoning cube.

Let the chicken join the rice while the stirring continues…

Then the veggies can also join in the chorus. Sure you can see all the characters smiling at you now as they blend together in perfect harmony.


Give it some 2 more minutes et voila!


C’est pret!

Enjoy with some baked plantains

p.s Fried rice is known for its easy spoilage, so if you want to preserve some, then keep the pot lid away till it cools completely. Refrigerate the left over

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