Egusi pudding with a ricey twist is a creation that saved my sister and me in our university days. For some reason, we always had more than enough egusi in our little room. While my sister did all of the cooking, I did the eating:-)

Egusi is a fat/protein rich seeds of melon, gourd or squash. It is very much used in cuisines across West and Central Africa. If you have related with a Nigerian closely, you will know of the popular egusi soup and pounded yam. We Cameroonians go a step beyond using egusi only in soup; we make egusi pudding. It is actually egusi cake but for some unknown reasons, we grew up to embrace the pudding appellation.


There are lots of foods that keep my belly happy, and egusi pudding filled with rice features generously on that list. This combo will revolutionize your life as a foodie, I promise. It is super easy to make the only one tiny virtue needed is patience. It requires patience to let the egusi cook properly for about 1hr15mins. I am happy I have mastered the art of wrapping this goodness in something other than banana leaves like it’s done back home. (that used to be a struggle!)


Ingredients for egusi pudding:


egusi pudding

  • 2 cups ground Egusi
  • 1 cup boiled White rice (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger/garlic
  • A pinch of Pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • ½ cup crayfish
  • beef/smoked fish
  • An Egg
  • 2 seasoning cubes (Maggi)



  • Boil meat/fish with onions and some seasoning together until tender, remove and set aside
  • Mix egusi with water or the broth from the fish to make a paste.
  • Add ground crayfish to the mixture.
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  • Beat eggs (1-2, depending on the quantity) and add to mixture.
  • Add the fish and salt/Maggi to desired taste.
  • Now add the boiled rice and mix.
  • Drop-add a bit of oil if desired, to give a ‘shine’
  • Wrap in aluminum foil paper and steam for 1hr or until ready. An indication that it is ready is the hard nature of the cake. Make sure you place the wraps in a sauce pan with little boiling water. Cover the wraps nicely with another aluminum foil paper. Check at intervals to put more water, carefully refilling at sides. You DON’T want to pour water over the wraps and mess up the cake!
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Watch the making here:

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