We are five days into 2017, I have spent the last couple of days looking back at 2016, the year I ventured into blogging.

I marvel at the transformation that has taken place in my life and family. Same time last year, I was four months postpartum, staying at home caring for my growing family. My life could be defined as a wife, mom (and everything in between).

Somewhere in March, after taking up a PR course online, I heard of blogging for the first time! Yes, I only learned of blogging in  April 2016, I have been reading blogs like forever but didn’t care to find out what they were really all about! In the month of May, I plunged myself in the blogosphere without a single idea of the technicalities involved. It was more of a space to practice writing again, document my mommyhood journey, amongst other ramblings.  The very first article I put out there was; Now that your bundle of joy is here.  Kewanblogs could be likened to a bowl of fruit salad; a mixture of different fruits with each ingredient giving it its fragrance!

Blogging on Kewrites

Anything is possible in life, even if you don’t know how to achieve it. (Robin Sacredfire)

You would expect someone like me to do an in-depth study of what blogging is all about. Oh, I wish that were the case, the story would have been more glorious. I, however, did a sketchy study on blogging but principally on how to start a blog.

I have learned hugely on the job! Remember the saying learning by doing? That has been my formula!I can relate to the quote:

Just any dummy can succeed, if he cares to know what it takes. (Zig Ziglar)

It is a world of continuous learning, knowing all the little bitty things that come together to put up a single post! Working on the SEO; focus keyword, meta description…  It has been really challenging; taking pictures, editing and putting all together.

What started like a farce has become a full career for me, the reason why I am poised to take it to a professional level.

Now about 2017!

I am focused on giving in my ALL in this journey. I am committed to creating content that will stand out generations after us! That’s huge, I know but I keep tweaking and working on making things better in this space. This year I am working on reshaping some items on the menu. I am narrowing down my focus on dishing out yummy meals through this avenue. This doesn’t mean I am limited to food, though ! Mommyhood tales will pop up every now and then, likewise faith-filled words (I can’t take Jesus out of this eh eh!)

Mondays, I will connect with you under a new menu ‘Monday boost’; that will be a free space to still bring in encouragement, personal stories, and insights and that push to be your best.

I am no fan of tradition, creativity embraces change, the reason why I add a twist to everything my hands find doing. If the change makes it better, why insist on the traditional way? That’s what goes on in my kitchen as you will see in my upcoming videos. C’mon let’s twist it together…

If pictures are worth a thousand words then videos must be worth a million words! Yes, I will be launching my YouTube channel soon.  I am super happy I have finally come to the point of pursuing my passion.

In whatever you set out to do in 2017, let passion be your driving force.

Thank you, friends, for being part of my 2016

Happy New Year 2017