I was feeling completely overwhelmed, exhausted and drained yesterday. Some days are just harder than others in this motherhood journey. It is hard work to be a great mom, you need to daily lean on God for strength and trust his grace to carry us each day.  As challenging as the motherhood career can be, it is equally the most rewarding path to walk on.

As a mom of two busy toddlers, I feel the pressure mounting to be up and doing! These two lil humans are the reason I go to bed late and stand up early. Life revolves around them, every program I make has to consider them first. A question I have got to answer a few times is “What do you do when you stay at home?”

That question will take me another post to answer the way it should. My focus here is to share with you how to deal with yourself after you have poured out so much virtue in one day.

Now get this,

You can’t get it all done:

Skip doing the laundry, look past the dishes.  I know and I believe a clean kitchen makes a happy mama. I am a firm believer of going to bed having a clean sink, but girl…some days I practice selective seeing haha I simply look past those dishes. Exactly what I did yesterday, thank God for Hussy (despite his already super hectic schedule); I got up to a clean kitchen after all. In case there’s no help still skip some work. Haba, no one will hold a cane over your head if the dishes aren’t done. Relax!


Go through old pictures: After having a good rest yesterday, I got up and just enjoyed going through my pictures and see what I found! This makes me smile, ruminating over events before I became a mom such as the last days before I had our first baby. Below is a picture of H and I after a beautiful Sunday service.

It will surprise you at how refreshing it can be going through the old collection.

Motherhood tips


Remember it is not a marathon: 

Yes, you are not in a contest, the motherhood journey is not a marathon, So relax, I say it again relax. No award is given to the woman with the best-cleaned home. I am not advocating for dirty homes, nope! My point; do not strive to be an embodiment of Mrs proper. I remember when I was growing up, it was a taboo for a mom to just relax when there were things to do around the home. If she did, she would be labeled as lazy. Not so with me, I just activate the energy saving mode, so should you my dear friend.

Take care of yourself, remember you are the wheel that keeps the family running, So find time to rest and enjoy the little things.  There is more to being a good mom that goes beyond a clean home. You need to spend time with them, teach them the truths of God’s word and pray for them.

Sleep, sleep and sleep some more: This will give your system some time to recuperate. Put the computer to sleep and fall in love with your pillow. I have banished my phone from accompanying me to the bedroom as well. Keep all the gadgets in the living room and just collapse in your bed.

Yeah, folks!  it’s that simple for me, cos I strive to make this complex life go easy. So no offense, rather kudos to the moms out there who despite their busy 9-5life, can still juggle up mommyhood, house chores, and husband care. Go with your flow!