“I don’t want to be left out; everyone is with their partner on Valentine’s day; it is a day to show love”. These are a few of the many reasons we had for celebrating Valentine’s day while growing up.

 Now that I am older I have learned to ask questions and take informed decisions. Give attention to what aligns with my convictions and discard what doesn’t. So let’s talk celebrating Valentine’s day.As a result of the much farce surrounding this day, I had to ask my friend google how it all came about. Apparently, the history of Valentine’s day has nothing to do with what many celebrate today. Now an honest question: can anyone reading this give me a good background to this celebrated day?

The accounts I read were somewhat not coherent. Some writers hold that saint Valentine was martyred for his faith and in honor of him, Pope Gelasius I established a feast day on February 14. While others attribute the saint to the advent of spring. It is also on record that; Valentine wrote secret letters to his friend Julia and always ended the notes with “from your Valentine”.

According to this article, there were eleven Valentines commemorated by the Catholic Church, and there were at least two other St. Valentines who lived around the time of St. Valentine of Terni. 

What is even more interesting now is the commercialization of the day. It is a good opportunity for many businesses including we bloggers and web content publishers (with all kinds of Valentine’s affiliate links and banners). Yes, I remember starting the month with a mention of the celebration in this post.

My Facebook newsfeed was flooded on the 14th with so many beautiful love words friends wrote to their spouses. As I read through them, my heart wished for such love to be celebrated daily in different homes. More so, I have witnessed people change their so-called Valentines over the years: for instance in 2010 it was partner A they declared love to, 2012 was B and 5 years later yet a different person X, really!

Back in the days, the celebration of Valentine’s day mounted so much pressure on young girls with no boyfriends. They so wanted to be hooked up, to belong at any cost., to have someone buy them gifts and take them out. The pressure is still there today, the reason why I tend to dislike the day. 

H and I don’t do Valentine anymore, so no flowers were delivered to me on the 14th.  We went about our business as usual. We believe love should be lived out daily, it is not in the ceremonious shopping for expensive gifts. It is more profound than a single trip to a favorite perfumery or eatery. 

 Love is about being there for each other, it should protect, make you better, nurture and bring out the best in you. What good are a box of the most expensive gifts on one day and the next day you can’t even see eyeball to eyeball!

Not that I am against gifts (I don’t know of one person who doesn’t love gifts). There is no true love without giving. But what use is it when it’s restricted to the one day the rest of the world commemorates.

Valentine's day

According to H, loving your spouse is a duty you voluntarily took up and should do so daily. He will celebrate Valentine’s day if it means showing love to the poor, widows, orphans and strangers. “If Vals Day means visiting the prisoners, disabled and less privileged, then bring it on. These are the people who need more love and attention”, said H. If there should ever be a day for love then go out of the ordinary; I dare you to love your enemies.

I spent the latter part of the evening after putting the kids in bed, reading stuff on the world wide web, adding knowledge.  Hussy had to come around with my special evening tea “have your tea and go get some sleep” Yeah sometimes I need to be chased away from my desk. I love him for these little gestures that warm my heart.


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13.

May your days be filled with so much love. Show love as long as it is called today. Keep it real and do the little things that matter.