One of my duties as a mom is to raise godly children. Daily my prayer is: ‘Lord give me the grace to raise my kids in the fear and admonition of Your Name’. I want them to grow in grace, stature, in wisdom and in the fear of the Lord.  But while I pray and work towards that, it warms my heart seeing them happy. It feels so good to see their little faces light up with beams of pure joy. Over time,  I have learned a few things that make them happy and I am here to share with you all:

1) Singing:

Music brings so much life to my home. My kids spring for joy at the sound of their favorite hymns.  It’s always an opportunity for my little girl to clap her hands and twist her tiny waist. As such we make time for songs each day. One of my daughter’s favorite song is Living Faith Connections mass choir – Yahweh Yahweh, while my son can’t resist Hezekiah Walker’s “Every Praise”.

2) Playing games:

Descending to see things from their perspective is something I have learned to. We fit in puzzles, jump like rabbits around the house and anything that spells fun to them.  According to EJ, mama is his playmate, two days ago he was coaching me to jump to the sky, which I did off course. I can’t express the amount of happiness that ensued after the jumping session. A trip to the playground makes even for happier kids.

happy kids

3)Reading bible stories and other books:

I thank God for kids bible, my lil man EJ  has a favorite of the biblical accounts; Noah and the ark, I can’t tell exactly why he finds it intriguing. But something about all the animals moving into the ark fascinates him. It feels good having him sit quietly next to me supporting his cheeks and listening as I read out the stories to him. This for sure makes him happy.

4) Listening to their stories:

I make a duty to consciously listen to my kids. The oldest will be 3 in April and the youngest 2 in September. They do not talk well, but the little they have to say, I listen carefully. I see a lot of fulfillment in their eyes when I give them all the attention. I nod in agreement, and it actually feels like we are having a great conversation ha. As long as they are happy, that’s fine.

5) Smile at them:

Just smiling at them often is a common practice for me. A smile is a language that even babies understand and appreciate.

A smile can brighten the darkest days so just smile, and smile some more

6) Show appreciation for little efforts they make:

EJ is at the age where he wants to help with putting out the laundry, clearing the lunch table (although some spoons end up in the garbage bin).  I use lots of praise words on my littles. For taking off their shoes and keeping them where they have to be, any little effort meets with appreciation. Good manners deserve an applause which they very much appreciate. 

7) Have a one on one time:

At the end of the day, I have a one on one chat time with each kid before putting them in bed in the case where I am opportune to be the one to do so. Our little chat happens on the dressing stool, a moment when I just look into their eyes and talk. My little boy loves this talking moment, he will wrap his arms around my neck as I tell him about all the people who love him, lil girlie’s eyes also light up with smiles. 

8) Kisses:  

I never get tired of kissing their little toes (Well not so little anymore) It keeps the laughter oozing.

And a bonus point; feeding them with homemade cookies, and in my case, some homemade yogurt always makes a difference.

Their father sure has his own amazing and unique ways of getting our kiddies buoyantly delighted, something I will share in another post.


Okay, over to you mothers, what ways do you make your child feel loved each day? Will love to hear your thoughts on this.