Oh, I didn’t realize how many snack recipes I have shared on this space till this wrap-up moment. Today I am putting together my 10 favourite delicious African snack recipes. I believe everyone should be able to make at least one of these.


Cameroon fish rolls, crunchy and yummy

Fish rolls

Something about this pastry makes it irresistible! I am yet to see one person who doesn’t love fish rolls. Every little bite of the crispy snack is so good. I will let you discover the rest when you make some. Cameroonians know it as fish rolls, Nigerians as well, but Ghanaians call it spring rolls. Find a recipe HERE and a video HERE 




I will call them African drop doughnuts, these are super tasty festive fritters. When butter meets eggs and there is some milk, nutmeg… you can imagine the outcome, well don’t only imagine make some! There is a recipe HERE and a video HERE. East Africans have something similar with a different shape and procedure; mandazi. This is probably similar to Zambian scones but scones are baked. Hopefully will share some recipes soon.


Meat pie

This is one snack with lots of variations across the African continent! The dough is basically the same, but the fillings vary. Cameroonians, for instance, will use the meat filling without potatoes but the Nigerian recipe calls for filling with potatoes. That’s the beauty of recipes, whatever rocks your boat is fine. Get and easy recipe HERE and an accompanying video HERE





I love gateau, it is simple yet really good. All you need is some flour, vegetable oil, milk… Gateau is quite similar to puff puff, but with a little variation. It is uniquely delicious. Find a quick recipe HERE and a video HERE.








Cameroon Scotch egg, the perfect recipe

Scotch egg

Oh eggs, what will I do without you, this is a constant item on my grocery list. I am thankful with this thing called eggs. Scotch eggs or egg rolls if you prefer or better still egg in blankets is one of the best ways to enjoy boiled eggs. There is an easy recipe HERE and a video HERE.







Cameroon chin chin

A kind of mini- cookies, a pure festive delight an insanely delicious and off course addictive snack. I added a coconut twist to mine, but you will be okay with the regular whole milk. Find out how to HERE. A video will be yours soon.