Today marks the first anniversary of my blog!

On may 1st 2016 I wrote the first blog post; Now that your bundle of joy is here. The post had some very helpful tips for first-time moms. You can check out the post here. 

It’s been one year of building a blog and learning on the job. I dived into blogging when I had my second baby and was home, blogging was a means of documenting my motherhood journey. Somewhere along the line, sharing other passions has gradually taken over. Food has noticeably taken a central place in this space. It’s been a huge blessing sharing my cooking skills here (my blog) and via my YouTube channel-Ke’Cook Island.  The channel is growing steadily with a total of 236 subscribers after 3months! With one video having over 2200 views. Thanks so much for being part of the community.

Blogging has exposed me to a niche of generous people as well as some competitive folks. Ha.

One conscious decision I have made throughout this first year is not to compare myself with fellow bloggers. I read a good number of awesome blogs with wow pictures and great content. I will love to enjoy the huge readership and followership these big bloggers have, but I am learning to grow that gradually. Sometimes it feels like a baby learning to crawl, watching her older siblings running around, she wonders when she will be able to take her first step. But sooner or later she pushes herself up, takes the first step, with much effort, takes the next and then joins the siblings in running around.

There’s so much I would have loved to share on this first anniversary but I will keep it short. I have been away from the blog for more than two weeks now and it feels like a year. Just coming in from a short trip to motherland Cameroon, took blogging off my plate for more than two weeks. Glad to be back and well able to celebrate one year of hitting buttons on my laptop.

This little blog is work in progress and I am happy I started this journey. Like a one-year-old, I am learning to walk, will be able to run soon with each tiny step. This is to more blogging in the coming years!

I am filled with gratitude for the gift of life, grateful for every one of you that has been part of this journey.