Weight loss after pregnancy is something many mothers think about after the baby arrives. For some reason, we just want to get out of maternity dresses as soon as possible. These are some of the practical steps I took to trim down my waistline.

This is not some expert-written weight loss literature to drop off the baby fat. These are tips that have helped me fit back into my little dresses.

Relax: Yes this is the maiden tip for every first-time mom, relax you just finished a marathon, so take some time and relax. Enjoy the new status; being a mom, enjoy kissing those little toes, enjoy the multiple feeding time, enjoy the smiles, the sweet newborn smells, enjoy the cries as well. Ha. Get enough rest and sleep as well, sure you have heard the sage advice; sleep when the baby is sleeping and be awake when she/he is awake.

Now that you are relaxed let’s see other things you can do to lose the baby fat:

Give it time,: The body has a natural mechanism to maintain itself if you give it time to recuperate. Don’t try to go on a diet too soon, You need the extra calories especially if you are a nursing mom. Moreover, the early diet may fail and subsequently plunge you into more weight misery. ( I have never been on a diet, I love my food so much to get on one). Weight loss after birth may take some time for some people. I told myself “It took me 9 months to get a big bump and several extra months of breastfeeding and I am not going to lose it in one month.

So keep in mind the weight may not swim off as quickly as you would have loved it to. C’mon now it took you more than half a year to put it on.  Don’t give up on maintaining a healthy routine though, once the body recuperates, you will begin to drop off the extra weight-. Ha, enjoy others asking the secret of your weight loss. It took me 1.5 years to get to this point, I recently got back into my wedding dress!


Avoid buying new clothes: Maintain your wardrobe, do not go in for new clothes. This is the most important tip from me. I know the struggle with trying to fit into that old black dress, believe me for two years I didn’t get any new clothes. That motivated me to keep trying till I could get back into my old clothes. That means, I wore my maternity clothes for quite some months. Ha, I don’t have that much money to be changing wardrobes just like that. Just don’t buy new clothes even if you have the money, that may hinder you from trying so hard to fit into the old lovely jeans that you spent so much on. There is that one dress in your closet that you want to fit into so bad, you go girl!

 Control your portion size: Maintain your pre-motherhood portion size, I know the temptation of eating for two so well but sometimes I think we first-time moms exaggerate the portion sizes. I had one lovely maternity t-shirt with the inscription “the baby made me eat it”. What a lovely writing to justify overeating! Discipline yourself to watch your portion size.

Exercise daily: Get into some form of exercise. I have never been to the gym, I exercise on a step in my home. It could be jogging, running, walking, dancing, biking (got to love bicycles) or what have you! Just make sure you move your body somehow. I didn’t walk a lot with baby number one but with baby number two, I did lots of walking, she enjoyed it and it helped my weight, win/win! Oh, I remember the kegel exercises as well, you can find them on YouTube.

Eat healthily: You should check out my friend’s blog Shape Up African for a start. She’s a certified health coach and got lots of recipes and meal plans to help anyone lose weight. Her blog will help on this one, trust me. Important tip, choose baking over frying, for recipes like potato hot pot you can choose to bake the potatoes instead of frying. Every little effort helps, I know fats taste better, but it doesn’t always look pretty on you.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits as well.

Drink up, I mean let your belly be filled with lots of healthy fluids. Instead of a soda go for healthy juice like this grapefruit juice. Naturally, I love drinking tea, so binging on green tea, for instance, is something I battle with. I drink at least 3 cups of tea daily. One cup with honey and lemon and the two other cups with no sweetener. I love drinking healthy homemade juices as well. I am sure they help in keeping my waistline in check.

P.S Still got to work on the ‘pot belly’ though, the pot is gradually reducing to a small dish, can’t wait to have a plate!

Okay over to you, are you a mom? What are your weight loss tips?