I have been writing this blog for a little over a year now and thought it wise to list some few known and unknown things that make me. I believe this will give you a little insight to the girl behind the keyboard. This post will be filled with I, Me and myself.

I am Kewan Mildred, a thirty something Cameroonian living in Belgium.

I am a Christ lover, who daily savour the love of the Saviour. If you end at this point that’s enough (just kidding). The most important thing to me is to make heaven though.

I am a daughter to amazing parents with 4 other siblings. A wife to a loving husband and a mother of two lovely kiddos.

I love my children with all that is within me, it feels like I came to this world for them.

Simplicity is a word I cherish, I love everything simple from dresses to recipes and everything between.

I admire bright colours but some unseen hands pull me towards darker shades, so I end up with a dull looking wardrobe.

I don’t fit into a box when it comes to temperaments but going by points I lean towards being an introvert.

Which probably explains why I keep quiet even when I have so much to say.

I believe words are powerful and should be carefully selected before usage. This tells why in most cases when faced with situations of conflict I chose silence. I try to find appropriate words and sometimes I am not so lucky to find them. In this regard, I think I have a default software installed in my brain that doesn’t process negative words easily. Several times when it downloads a negative word, it lingers in the system for long. I try to send them immediately to the recycle bin but the files move at snail speed. Let’s create the world with more gentle words.

I don’t like anything that much, which is a problem! My loved ones never know exactly what to get for a gift.

I make myself a good listener( if you ever need to talk). The encouraging ministry has need of good listeners.

I love a clean house and most importantly a clean kitchen, even when I can’t keep up with the cleaning *wink*

I am not a very organized person, ha I try but many times I end up with an organized mess:-(

Cooking is one of the things I can do, the creative me shows up in the kitchen. I can’t braid or weave so my know how is in the pots.

I prefer a natural look to wearing makeup. But being on Youtube got me watching makeup videos and wearing make up more often than I would love. Makeup is social media friendly so I got to wear some.

I enjoy good food, you will see me node my head and hum a song while eating some fufu and njama njama + Kati Kati

I am an old school girl in many ways, sometimes I believe I missed my generation. That said, countless times I am lost when I scroll through my Facebook feed.

I don’t remember following any television series or reality show. I am just not that person.

My tears have no respect of persons nor place, they flow easily. Don’t get worked up if you find me crying in public, it’s probably not that serious.

I love the scriptures, in there lies everything that pertains to life and godliness. One of my favourites, (I have lots):

 ” The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.” Ecclesiastes 9:17.

I run my race with one goal; reach the finish line. I beat my body like Paul and challenge it to stay in course.

Another in the same light, Colossians 4:6 ” Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.”

I love hymns, my sacred songs and solos is a book I keep close. One of the classics I love “Power in the blood… Would you be free from your burden of sin?” Hymns make me feel like I am standing before God’s throne! Just heavenly.

Now I am learning to walk the slow path “if it doesn’t have any eternal impact, don’t sweat it! We are here but for a moment”

This is a little of who I am