December is the time for parties in Cameroon, you can literally spend your Saturdays from one party to another. Now let me tell you about some of the Cameroonian party foods you are bound to find in all of the functions you attend. If for any reason you do not find any of these, forget it that’s no Cameroonian party:-)

We always begin with small chops aka finger foods or snacks. You need to place small platters on the tables before your guest arrives. As soon as they arrive, they should have something to keep their mouths busy before the reception begins. There is no limit to what you can serve, from Chin Chin to Meat Pie. Some time ago I made a lovely list of 10 delicious snacks for your convenience. A Click on this Link will take you to the must-have recipes.



This is one of those meals most Cameroonians serve in their gatherings. There is no good party without a hearty ndole dish. I will do the Mt Cameroon race for this plate of Ndole. You can check out the recipe here.

2)Fufu Corn and Njama Njama

If you will be having people within 60-90 age group, make sure you have some well prepared Fufu Corn and Njama Njama with some Khati Khati at the side. Who am I fooling here? Everyone loves fufu corn and Njama Njama so go ahead and make some happen. Find the full recipe here.

3) Poulet DG:

Cameroonian poulet DG

Ahaa this is the boss meal of the day. As a matter of fact, this dish may be reserved only for the ‘high table’. The combination of fried plantains and chicken stewed in tomatoes is everything some people may remember about your party. Be generous enough to make some, please (insert a smiley). Find the recipe here.

4) Rice:


Cameroonian jollof rice
Why call it a party if there is no rice on the table? There must be Jollof rice for starters, then some fried rice for variety. Then if you feel so endowed add some coconut rice. Better still boil some white rice, then make some wickedly delicious tomato stew. Now that’s how to make your guest happy!

5)Grilled Chicken:

African spicy grilled chicken


Need I say more? Ah even if you won’t serve grilled chicken, you can opt for the frying option. Whichever method you choose all we want to see is chicken on the table:-) Find a Grilled chicken recipe here.

6) Puff puff and beans:

Just whip up some hot puff puff and beans and do not forget some spicy pepper sauce at the side. Now get the recipes here and here.

7) Roasted Fish

Cameroonian roasted fish

Voila, no arguments about some poisson braise! Normally we go the very large types of our parties. I got you covered with a flavorful roasted fish recipe here.

8) Eru:

Bayangi people will be a little unforgiving if there is no eru. Many of us will be, so please do not disappoint us:-) Find Eru video recipe here

9) Egusi Pudding:

Egusi pudding with a ricey twist; insanely delicious combo

You need something to whiten the table. Go the egusi way. Find the recipe here and video here.

10) Fried