This African fish stew is everything you want to include in your weekly meal plan. I could easily eat this every day if I had my way, but you know there are too many good things in this life to enjoy rather than stick to one delicious dish. I will eat fish in any form and in anything. Love to incorporate fish into my pies, I roast them, make some spicy black stew, use as filling into dough and now soak them into some sweet tomato stew.

African fish stew traditionally is a time-consuming dish to make. I remember making the stew with my mom back in the days. The tomatoes will take forever to get ready. Some times we had to sprinkle in some ‘kanwa’ (limestone) just to reduce the acidity of the tomatoes. Some days we will cook the tomatoes the day before to shorten the process the next day. It was just a lot of cooking time.

I got a tip somewhere on the web that revolutionalized my fish stew game. This stew is bursting with lots of flavors. It is ridiculously delicious not to share with you all. As usual, I will try to keep this recipe as easy as possible.

You can pair this up with rice, plantains, yam or potatoes

African fish stew
In this recipe, I am using fresh mackerel, you can use any fish of choice.
Now let’s make so yummy fish stew:

The first thing you want to do is to wash your fish, you can check out how to gut and wash your fish in this post. Season your fish with some salt, white pepper and thyme. There are two options in cooking the fish: For a healthier stew (which I choose most of the times) go ahead and thrust the fish in a preheated of 200°c for 30 minutes as seen in this video. Alternatively, bring oil to heat up for deep frying and you fry your fish till it gets cooked.

Some ingredients involved::fish stew

The one tip that will take your tomato fish stew to another level:

Roast the tomatoes in an oven for 20-25 minutes prior to cooking. This is the way it goes, cut tomatoes and bell peppers in large pieces, roast them a preheated oven of 215°c. Remove and blend into a puree then follow the rest of the steps in the printable recipe below. Roasting tomatoes before making stew, reduces the frying time. Another tip to reduce the acidity and sourness of tomatoes is to add a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda.


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Spicy African delicious tomato fish stew.
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