Bacon wrapped green beans and plantains is probably one of the easiest aperitifs you will ever make. This is one of those things you serve at a party and your guest will be thrilled. Enjoy when they start asking you for the recipe. That’s where I come in

The next time you have a group of friends or family coming over, make sure you serve these extremely delicious bacon wrapped green beans and plantains. Every now and then, you should treat your family to a starter, this will be very much appreciated.

Moreover, this is the only way non-green beans lovers in my home will enjoy green beans. The combination with fried ripe plantains wrapped in bacon is simply a match made in heaven. You know by now that I will walk any dodo (fried ripe plantains) paved road. What is life without plantains? The natural sweetness it adds to this green beans bundles is everything! I still drool at the pictures.

Bacon wrapped green beans and plantains

Wondering what ripe plantains look like?  Here you go:

For this recipe, your plantains shouldn’t be too ripe, lest it becomes mushy. For best results, go for fresh green beans.

This delicacy comes together in no time:

My family loves this and I am so convinced that you will also love it.

There will be a video in the days ahead on my Youtube channel.

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A delicious combo of fried ripe plantains with green beans wrapped in bacon