Cameroonian roasted fish is one of my all time favorite meal (yes I have many favorites). I meannnn, what is there not to love about roasted fish? For as long as I can remember, making roasted fish is a Friday evening tradition in my home.  My family bonds wonderfully over a table of roasted fish. Ah one person eats a whole fish, there is no sharing in this matter, we each devour one entire fish.  Traditionally, you can grill with charcoal (using a BBQ pot), however, I oven grill mine.

The melange of ethnic spices marinated into the fish makes this Cameroonian roasted fish just irresistible.

It is not a meal you eat in a hurry, nooo that’s why I prefer making this on Friday evenings. We have time to just eat slowly, savoring all the deliciousness in the fish using our fingers.

Cameroonian roasted fish is very easy to make. I think the most difficult part (ah well for some people) is gutting the fish. Some people find it quite a messy job to do.

 Now some quick steps you can follow  in preparing your fish before grilling:

  • Place fish on a chopping board.
  • With a long knife, cut open the abdominal cavity, then send your fingers in and pull out the entrails.
  • Make sure to take out the gills as well
  • Then scale the fish using the back of a knife
  • Trim the fins

The above process as I said, can be a bit messy, I do it in my sink so I can use lots of water to clean the fish. You can equally use a tablespoon of lemon juice to wash the fish, this will help knock out any unwanted smells.

Watch me put it together in this video on my YouTube channel. Will you mind hitting the subscription button for more videos? Thanks

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CAMEROONIAN ROASTED FISH (POISSON BRAISE) RECIPE BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
Oven-grilled mackerel, marinated in a melange of spices and grilled in an oven for 30-45 minutes. Ridiculously delicious especially when combined with fried plantains
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 35 minutes