The weather is changing so fast, time for some comfort recipes. Got home yesterday all cold and wet, then came this divine idea of coconut puff puff. Puff puff is a perfect African snack for cold days. It can pass for an appetizer, a side dish or a snack on its own. If you are hearing about puff puff for the first time, this is simply deep fried dough. Traditionally it is made with very few ingredients, I suspect you will have them in your pantry right now. For a basic puff puff recipe, you only need flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water and oil for frying.

Over time, I have been experimenting with different puff puff recipes. First I added some fresh ginger into the dough, that was a hit! You can check out my ginger puff puff recipe here. Then, I made some plantain puff puff and now I am walking the coconut path (because coconut is life). Coconuts are not just delicious, they are super nutritious. You can see all about coconuts in this post. Incorporating freshly grated coconuts into my puff puff gives it a healthy boost.


coconut puff puffSo we are not just having a plain deep fried dough, we are having a delicious snack with some fiber and all that comes with coconut. 

coconut puff puff

Got some few minutes? Check out this coconut chips video, it will help you see how to get your grated coconuts needed for this recipe. Let’s make some yummy coconut puff puff: Check out the full video on my YouTube channel below


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COCONUT PUFF PUFF RECIPE (PERFECT FOR COLD DAYS) BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
Deep fried dough with a healthy coconutty twist
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10