These fish scotch eggs are just the perfect picnic snack of all times. I don’t know if I should really call them a snack, eating one keeps you filled for the rest of the day. So shall we call it a snack?

The original scotch egg is simply hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage and deep-fried or baked. However, I have a variation to that; scotch eggs wrapped in dough and fried. You can find a recipe which has been much appreciated by many here  And a video on my YouTube channel.

There are quite a few things that remain constant on my grocery list. For some reason, eggs, fish always feature on my shopping list. Maybe because I make fish rolls more often than I care to count and because so many recipes on here require eggs as well. Anyway, it was about time for some egg and fish combo, and what else that the perfect fish scotch eggs. I used the canned mackerel fish fillets. But you can go with the fresh mackerel fish but you know that dreaded process of cleaning the fish. You can check out how to clean the fish in this Cameroonian roasted fish recipe post. So you have to steam your cleaned fish in some spices, debone it and join us at some point below.

Fish Scotch eggs

Making this snack took me quite a few times of trying to get the perfect trick in binding the fish around the eggs. After a few trials of simply trying to coat the eggs, I finally figured out that adding some flour to the mashed fish could ease the binding process.

Okay let’s quickly put our fish scotch eggs together:

You will need three bowls and line them accordingly. The first bowl should consist of flour, the second beaten eggs and the third bowl with bread crumbs.


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DELICIOUS FISH SCOTCH EGGS: PERFECT RECIPE BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
A delicious combo of fish and eggs! Hard boiled eggs wrapped in mashed spiced fish and deep fried.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Passive Time 30