Talk about the food that makes one jump out of bed in the morning; dodo and egg is one of them. In case you are wondering what dodo is, this is deep-fried ripe plantains served with some fried eggs. This is the kind of breakfast you are sure to have in a typical Cameroonian home. If you are regular on this space you must notice tons of plantain recipes, yeah we consume lots of that. You will see in the poulet dg recipe, plantain lasagna, and lots more.

Dodo and egg is that one breakfast meal that you will want to eat daily. The fat may not be very forgiving though but it is honestly addictive. I am glad I can eat all of that as the first meal of the day, then I am sure I have lots of energy to sail through any day. Still drooling at a thought of dodo and egg. This is another Cameroonian comfort food; a very special breakfast meal. If you are a non-Cameroonian and ever travel South, I promise dodo and egg will be on your menu. So sweet, so delicious and so comforting. If I will let some members of my family, they will eat this combo daily. It is that good!

Here is why you should eat eggs for breakfast:

Eggs are super good for breakfast; they keep you feeling filled much longer. An egg is an awesome source of protein, and relatively inexpensive. I love me some dodo and egg to start my day. This is one food item that seems to be constant on my grocery list. It is almost impossible to stay without some eggs in my refrigerator. You can find other plantain recipes here

You can also watch some the visuals of recipes on my YouTube Channel, you will be happy you did! That’s a promise

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DODO AND EGG: THE BEST BREAKFAST MEAL IDEA BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
Fried ripe plantains and egg omelette
Course Breakfast
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 15 mins