Avocado is a very uniquely nutritious fruit that everyone should be enjoying! You can just peel and eat, make some quick sandwich or simply mix some easy breezy fresh avocado salad like this one. Sure you know already that avocado is rich in healthy fats, did you know

avocado contains more potassium than bananas? Aha, eating lots of avocado salad will boost your potassium intake. I gather potassium helps in the proper functioning of the heart. The avocado has loads of fiber which is super beneficial for weight loss. So if you are following any weight loss diet, make sure to kick start your day with this delicious avocado salad.

This recipe is pure fun, no intricacies, no left or right turns just a perfect mixture of avocado and some vegetables. It is healthy, filling and super delicious. The better news is this miracle food is so easy to make, I mean your 5 years old should be able to make this avocado salad. All you have to do is supervise them cut the veggie. Help out with measuring the ingredients, then sit back and wait for your little one to make the best avocado salad. They will be happy you trust them to make something this good in the kitchen.

avocado salad

A quick tip on how to choose the best avocado:

I know the frustration with buying a rotten avocado, nothing hurts me more than taking out my avocado in the morning just to discover they are rotten! Here are some tips to choose the best avocado

  • Pick the avocado with the small nob still on it, that’s because without the nob they tend to rot fast
  • Gently touch them to feel how firm they are, if they yield to the pressure, then they are ripe and ready to eat
  • Avocados that look sunken is an indication that they are over ripe.

avocado salad


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