Friends, this so far is the easiest vanilla cake ever! Are you celebrating a birthday this season? I recommend you give this cake a try by all means. Yesterday September 4th was my birthday, this vanilla cake graced my day. I mean what is a birthday celebration without a cake. Cakes are meant for special days like that. If you can’t buy one, make one. Come to think of it, it is actually cheaper to make than to buy. I promise after you make this cake, you will probably never buy the store version again!
It is super moist with a lovely vanilla flavour that is to die for. I thought my lemon cake was a winner but boy o boy vanilla cakes will win if it were a contest. I am glad I don’t have to choose between the two.

vanilla cake

A few things to keep in mind when making this cake:
  • All ingredients should be at room temperature (butter, milk, eggs). So you may have to pull out your ingredients from the fridge ahead of time.
  • Use cake flour in the place of all-purpose flour. It makes a whole lot of difference! I have always baked with all purpose flour but since I tried using cake flour, I haven’t looked back.
  • Do not over bake your cake, it runs the risk of being too dry, and you want a moist cake.

vanilla cake

You can either buy the cake flour or make yours.

You only need two ingredients to make your own cake flour:

  • All-purpose flour and
  • Corn starch (Not corn flour)

Spoon 2 tablespoons of corn starch and pour into a measuring cup, fill up the remaining space with all-purpose flour. The combination should give you a cup of cake flour. Sieve the flour mixture to combine. Or better still, measure a cup of all-purpose flour, reduce 2 tablespoons, then fill up the reduction with 2 tablespoons of corn starch. This video will show you how to make cake flour.

In case you are wondering why cake flour and not all-purpose flour, the protein content in cake flour is 8% which is lower than all-purpose flour (10%). Flour with a higher protein content equally has a higher gluten structure which sometimes makes cake tough and chewy.

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EASY BIRTHDAY VANILLA CAKE RECIPE BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
Course Snacks
Cuisine International
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 35 mins