Seriously guys what’s there not to love about some fresh homemade croissants??? Ah, I am super happy to give you a gist about making croissants at home. Honestly, the sole reason why I try to restrain myself from having croissants as often as possible is because my waistline may not be very forgiving at the end of the day.  We are on the countdown to Valentine’s day (for those who celebrate); I think it will be a great idea to have a French snack. A super easy homemade croissant recipe for you all.

These homemade croissants are buttery, flaky and filled with so much love. It takes a loving heart to make croissants at home. It is time-consuming though, wish I could tell you otherwise, but no worries, most of the time is waiting. Just yeast-leavened dough layered with butter, rolled, and folded multiple times. Believe me when I say it is easy, if you stay home like I do, then I encourage you to make croissants. Just roll and keep, then roll again and keep, repeating the process over and over ha.

By the way, when we talk of croissants, I immediately think of Paris, the city of love. French apparently is considered a romantic language, Je t’aime to some people is more romantic than I love you haha. Most couples love to take trips to this city of love, especially as Valentine’s day is around the corner. 

One of my former university lecturers often said

If a guy claims he loves you, then he must take you to the boulangerie

Haha, the proof of love was an outing to a good boulangerie (french word for bakery).

Well, won’t it be a great idea to make some lovely croissants for your lovelies? Yes, I think so because I know how much praises I get each time I make something this good.

Enough of the talking

Let me tell you how I do it,

Imagine your husband/wife/kids/guest(s) waking up to this:

Easy homemade croissants
Valentijn 2017

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A buttery, flaky pastry, made of yeast leavened dough, layered with butter. Savor with your favorite jam and a cuppa
Course Snacks
Cuisine French
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