It is not summer yet, but I am already loading up some healthy homemade pineapple juice. Ah, who says juices should be consumed only in summer? I guess something about the sun makes us drink more.  Well, there’s something growing between myself and pineapples, in case you didn’t notice, my last post was about pineapples.  

Maybe because I am on the lookout for keeping a balance in my diet. This homemade pineapple juice is refreshing, healthy and packed with lots of vitamin C. My whole family enjoyed drinking this juice, I served hubby the last cup of chilled pineapple juice after his meal, and after gulping the whole thing in seconds ha, he wanted more. Sadly, the kids and I had a feast earlier on, so nothing was left. It is that good, you won’t stop with having one glass if you do with one, then please come back to share your self-control secret with me.

I already talked about some of the reasons the everyone should be consuming pineapples in my previous post.

This healthy pineapple juice is super easy like most of the recipes on this blog. This is how to get it done:

Wash your pineapples.


Peel off the skin with a long sharp knife. Begin by cutting off the two edges, then proceed to take off the skin from one edge vertically.  Cut into little pieces.

Pineapple juice

Cut the pineapple into little chunks.

Put into a blender, add two cups of water and blend into a puree.

pineapple juice

Strain using a fine strainer. You can discard the pulp, but I eat the pulp (can’t afford to waste any fiber).

Pineapple juice

Keep in a refrigerator to chill for at least an hour.

Pineapple juice

Then enjoy, enjoy and enjoy some more. Easy, delicious and healthy. If you prefer, you can add a sweetener of your juice, like some white sugar. But I do not see a need for extra sugar especially because there are tons of food recipes that need sugar if you can cut off some in things like this, then cut it off.

One tip for mothers with littles who resist eating whole fruits; make some juice out of the fruits and give them to drink. My 18 months daughter won’t eat pineapples but drinks this homemade pineapple juice. So dear mama, if they won’t tolerate mangos, make a juice out of it and let’s see how it goes.

Find a printable recipe below:


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Fresh healthy homemade pineapple juice
Course Breakfast
Prep Time 10 minutes