Homemade yogurt! Really, yogurt is ‘cheap’ in the grocery stores so why bother whipping some yourself? I thought to myself. But a very good friend/classmate of mine pushed me to make some yogurt at home. Since then, homemade yogurt is the way to keep my lil family stuffed with healthy goodies. Yogurt is something I used to make for commercial purposes many years ago when I just completed from the university and was job seeking in Yaounde-Cameroon. Back then we knew it as kossam.  Yogurt may be affordable but nothing beats the homemade version. I tell you from the day you make these goodies, you may never walk the yogurt aisle of your favorite grocery store

homemade yogurt

Some days I think maybe some yogurt goddess cast a secret spell on my kids! These kindtjes adore yogurt, there is always a joyous dance when they have to be served yogurt. The password to successfully babysit those two is yogurt! 

Now it feels so good serving them homemade yogurt because I have control over the amount of sugar that goes in there.  Some of those kiddies yogurts are way too sweet!

homemade yogurt

The good thing about homemade yogurt is that you have the power to decide the consistency, the sweetness and whether you want to add some flavors or not.  This recipe gives you a thick, smooth, creamy yogurt. It is so so good. I make use of dry whole milk, I had to look for the brand that I have always known: It is very easy to make, it just requires a bit of waiting time like croissants, ah well with a lil less drama. No rolling involved, just heating, cooling, mixing and storing.

homemade yogurt

And this is how I put it together:

heh! Make sure the plain yogurt has live cultures in it. I used organic yogurt

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HOMEMADE YOGURT: EASY, CREAMY RECIPE BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
Course Snacks
Prep Time 10 mins
Passive Time 6-8 hours