By now, it is official that I am such a home girl. On my menu last weekend was koki beans. This is another super nutritious delicacy made from black- eyed peas.  In Cameroon, we know it as koki beans with the process of cooking similar to koki corn. Nigerians go by moi moi which is equally really tasty.

The black eyed beans are soaked, peeled, ground, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. It is a total delight to the mouth. My only issue with this yummy, tasty meal is that it can be a little time-consuming. But I really do not mind the time involved in putting it together because at the end of the day my stomach echoes grateful noises to me.

 This a Cameroonian classic of all times! Seriously, I remember waiting for a particular mami koki who used to hawk koki beans like a groom waiteth for her bride. I had her timetable by heart haha, I knew what time she will be passing by with her chants “hot koki beans chop one chop two”. As such I will station myself patiently waiting for her.

Koki beans

Awww I feel a little bit nostalgic talking about this meal.  We waited for the hawkers like kids around here wait for the ice cream van in the summer. Enough of all the talking…

I tell you how to get it done:

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KOKI BEANS: HOW TO MAKE THE TASTIEST OF THEM ALL BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
This is a super tasty delicacy in Cameroon, black-eyed pea, washed, ground into a paste and wrapped in bannana leaves or aluminion foil. Steamned and served with boiled ripe plantains
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