Kwacoco Bible is a local staple eaten by the Bakweri people of the South West region of Cameroon. Kwacoco Bible can do no wrong for me. I remember my undergraduate university days in Buea, this was a life saver! Thinking of all the wet evenings, I left the lecture hall, tired and hungry. A quick stop by the street vendors to grab one warm kwacoco Bible was so relieving. The dish is super yummy such that I thought it will be utterly selfish not to share a recipe.

Kwacoco is a beautiful combination of grated cocoyams, salt, smoked fish, crayfish, spinach and palm oil. We use a lot of palm oil in Cameroonian cuisine. It gives a fresh pop of color to our food. The cocoyam combo is wrapped in banana leaves or aluminum foil like in my video, then steamed for at least an hour. If you can, make sure you enjoy this with some dry canda stew (hmmm match made in heaven)

cocoyams used:

We use macabo cocoyams; it is longer in shape and has two shades; white and pink. Some may refer to it as malanga (genus Xanthosoma). We also have the pink cocoyams which are harder, then there is the white softer version so you may want a mix of the two colors.

There is another species of cocoyam which is more rounded and smaller in size (genus Colocasia a.k.a igbo coco). So when picking cocoyams for kwacoco Bible go for the longer type.

That said let’s get it done: Watch me put it together in this video and please by all means subscribe at the end of the video.


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KWACOCO BIBLE(GRATED COCOYAM DUMPLINGS) BigOven - Save recipe or add to grocery list Yum
Kwacoco bible; grated cocoyams mixed with palm oil, salt, smoked fish. It is wrapped in banana leaves or aluminum foil and steamed
Course Main Dish
Cuisine Cameroonian
Prep Time 25 mins
Cook Time 1 hr