Folere is a popular refreshing drink in Cameroon made from the dried sepals of hibiscus flower. The drink is popular in most African countries, Latin America, and the Caribbeans.  Nothing beats the feeling of having a chilled glass of well-prepared folere on a sunny day. In Nigeria, the drink is known as zobo, sorrel drink for Jamaicans, sobolo for Ghanaians.  Yet a good number of people may know it as hibiscus tea, bissap, and wonjo. You see? Same drink with several variations across the different countries. It is called Karkade in Sudan, Egypt and Levant. This one ingredient is a must in any good folere drink.

Some health benefits:
  • It is believed drinking hibiscus tea thrice a day can actually reduce a person’s blood pressure.
  • Because it is so rich in vitamin C, it can help fight colds, common fever and cough.
  • It is a rich in antioxidants which are beneficial to the body.


Funny thing, the younger me always thought folere was medicinal without the slightest idea about all the above health benefits. The red colour made me convince myself somehow that the drink could help in blood production. Ha 


Folere vendors make a lot of money during the dry season. It is a common drink in the northern part of Cameroon, I think the appellation folere probably originated from the northwest region of Cameroon,

Traditionally, the drink is made with pineapple peelings, water and some sweetening. In this recipe, I am going with additional spicing. The question I asked myself was, why use pineapple peelings when I have the whole pineapple?


In that regard, I used one whole medium sized pineapple to make my zobo drink. And the one ingredient that must feature in your sorrel drink is ginger! I wrote awhile ago about the benefits of consuming ginger in this post.  What will I do without ginger? I make Puff puff with ginger, use it in juice. I think every woman has that one ingredient they can’t do without, ginger is that one ingredient.

This is how I make the best folere/zobo/sobolo/sorrel drink ever


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Prep Time 10 mins