I make these African pancakes more regularly than I care to count. This recipe is my go-to pancake recipe, any day, anytime. Well, the truth is, this is actually my mom’s recipe! I am keeping up with her Saturday pancake ritual. My littles love ‘pankates’ and will have them daily if I let them.

The batter is so easy to whip up and yet the taste is simply amazing!

Nothing beats a breakfast of soft and tender pancakes with crispy edges. I mean it is so delicious, so filling and just good!

This is a modified version of my mom’s pancakes (told you already) I know I tend to repeat myself sometimes for emphasis. The main liquid she used for her pancakes was water, probably because milk was not so budget friendly at the time. Then she will incorporate a tablespoon of powdered milk depending on how much pancakes she was making. I think powdered milk gives pancakes a unique lovely spin.

These African pancakes are similar to the French crepe and the Belgian pannekoek. Every child loves pancakes. I made some last year while visiting a family here, now the kids think Aunt Mildred(me) makes the best pancakes in the world! Kids can be generous like that with compliments when they love your food. But their innocent judgments are so honest, if they don’t love it, they will tell you to your face.

Two tips to making the best African pancakes:

Use a non-stick frying pan

Make sure you spread the batter evenly on the pan

Fry on low to medium heat


You can fill the pancakes with some sausages. Sometimes sprinkle some fine sugar for extra sweetness. Nutella could also make pancakes taste better. Through it all make sure you enjoy them like there’s no tomorrow!

Now grab your pen and paper and copy the recipe below. Make sure you keep it jealously because anyone who eats these pancakes always ask for more! So it will be nice you have it for subsequent pancake parties.

African pancakes


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The perfect African pancakes
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 5 mins